5 Tumblr Tips For Beginners

For those who don’t know what Tumblr is, it’s a micro-blogging service which enables you to post a variety of different content in a very swift manner. However Tumblr is also its own social network, giving you a dashboard that can show you content from other Tumblr blogs you follow. You can also like and reblog other users content.

Here are some Tumblr tips for the beginner to help you get the most from the platform.

1. Use the correct post format for your content

Tumblr offers you seven different post formats. Make sure to choose the right format for whatever content you’re posting. Tumblr uses the post format to display content in a different manner. If you choose a photo post, it’ll show the photo first and then the caption. If you choose an audio post it’ll show an audio player. It makes consuming content for the reader a much more easier experience.

2. Use tags but don’t over do it

Tags are very powerful on Tumblr. They help you organise content on the face of your Tumblr blog, allowing you to sort content into categories. However it doesn’t just help there, your tags will also help users discover your content via the Tumblr search bar in the dashboard. Users can search for basically any tag they like. This will help you massively in acquiring followers, it gets your content out to the whole Tumblr universe.

You should definitely use common tags too. If you post cars, use the ‘cars’ tag. If you post architecture, use the ‘architecture’ tag. These tags are very popular on Tumblr and it’ll help get your content noticed.

Don’t apply too many tags though. It will show your followers you’re desperate and it ends up making your content look messy.

3. Get a stylish theme

A great feature of Tumblr is the ability to apply themes to your site very easily. It’s perfect for those who don’t know how to code or have a clue about the technical side of things. There are hundreds of themes available for Tumblr.

Here are UltraLinx we actually produce our own Tumblr themes. We offer a variety of Tumblr themes to suit any type of blogger. So make sure to check out our Tumblr themes.

4. Use the mass post editor

The mass post editor is a might useful tool Tumblr offers to users. It can be found in the right sidebar in the dashboard.

This tool gives you a masonry style view of all your posts, sorted into months. You can select lots of posts at once and then either edit tags or add tags to the posts. You can also use it to delete lots of posts at once.

5. Queue posts

Tumblr offers you the ability to queue or schedule posts. So you can queue up a load of posts and have Tumblr publish them in a specific time frame. I use it for my Tumblr where I have 30 posts scheduled to post in the space of 6 hours. Tumblr publishes them over the 6 hour period leaving an equal amount of time between each post. It’s a much better way of publishing posts than spamming your followers with a bunch of posts at once.

You can simply adjust the timing in the settings for your blog.