How 5 of the Biggest Websites Looked in 1998

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Ah how the internet has changed. In just over a decade the internet has become one of the most important parts in our modern world. Naturally the design has changed a lot over time as well. From flashy gifs and bright blue text we have transformed to a cleaner, more organized internet. However; this doesn’t mean it is not fun to see how sites used to look. So in this post I feature 5 of the biggest websites, and how they looked in 1998!


It is pretty incredible to see just how much the design of apple computers and their website has changed since the 90’s.


Microsoft itself has changed tremendously, as expected. I mean look at those color combinations. Then again, their color combinations haven’t gotten all that much better. 😉


Google’s design has refined a lot since the 90’s, but all in all they have kept up with the minimal style. They seem to differ the least as compared to the immense changes seen with the previous two sites.


Basically how you picture the internet of the 90’s. Blue links, little to no padding, and some disgusting icons.


Not as bad as expected, but still such a lack of care for spacing. How about those icons?

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