Free Contract Templates & Legal Resources for Freelancers

Freelance design can be stressful. The time spent doing legal work and networking can get annoying when all you really want to do is design! I know that feeling. Dealing with a contract, countless emails and phone calls, and so much time in-between certain projects is a drag. Having your legal stuff in check can make for a faster and safer experience, so you can get to what you love, the design work. In this post I share some free templates for contracts, legal resources, and other tips I’ve learned through freelancing.

Free Contract Templates

Contracts were always a challenge for me, until I came across some free templates. Here are a few to help you out.

Contract Killer

The Contract Killer is an amazing free template and guide to your first freelance contract. Not only is it super easy to understand, but it is even easier to customize and share with your clients. View it here.

Web Design Contract

This sample contract is incredible for getting an idea of what to put in your contract. It is laid out in a neat manner and is super easy to read and follow. View it here.

Contracts and Other Legal Templates

SessionsCollege offers a whole list of awesome contract templates, invoice templates, and other resources for freelancing! View it here.

Sending the Contract

Writing the contract is half the battle, sending it and getting it signed is another story. I recently came across two really easy services that make this process a breeze. Simply upload your contract, send it, and get it signed via email. This is a totally legal process and can be done is minutes!

Adobe EchoSign

Adobe EchoSign is the first product I came across. It is free, easy to use, and widely trusted by companies across the world. View it here.


Docracy is another amazing service. I have noticed a lot of fellow freelancers trying it, so I naturally gave it a shot. Since then I have been using it. View it here.

Other Resources

Below I have made a list to some other articles I found useful when learning about the legal process behind freelancing. I hope you find these helpful! ­čÖé

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