OlloClip for iPhone 5 Review

OlloClip for iPhone 5 Review

There’s no ignoring the popularity of the iPhone camera, the three devices which have taken the most pictures on Flickr are all iPhones. It’s just so handy having such a powerful camera in your pocket, available whenever you want.

With the quality of the camera on the iPhone getting better with every generation, some are turning to the iPhone to take over dedicated cameras and make an art form out of it. Instagram is full of photographers where all their pictures are taken with iPhones and they’re stunning, you’d never expect the kind of results you see.

Some like to take it a step further and add additional accessories to their iPhone to make their photography even better. One very popular way is to add additional lenses and OlloClip is probably the most popular lens add on for your iPhone. They’ve been doing it since the iPhone 4.

OlloClip were kind enough to send me a unit all the way from the states for me to review.

The OlloClip consists of three lenses – a wide-angle, fish-eye and macro. These lenses can completely change the kind of photos your iPhone can take, literally taking them to another level.

The fish-eye gives you an approximate 180-degree field of view. It’s actually so wide that sometimes your fingers which are holding the iPhone can end up in the pics. The wide-angle gives you double the field of view you’d achieve with the standard camera. The macro gives you 10x magnification and allows you to get super close to your subject – you have to unscrew the wide-angle to get to the macro.

OlloClip for iPhone 5 Review

The quality of the OlloClip is superb. Even though it’s mostly made from plastic it’s very rigid and has a lovely finish – depending on the colour you choose. It comes with a little carrying pouch which doubles as a micro-fibre cleaning cloth, so you can clean your lenses if needed from fingerprints and dust.

OlloClip for iPhone 5 Review

It simply slides on over the camera. At first I was a little worried that the plastic would scratch my iPhone but thankfully it didn’t. It’s been designed to have a nice curved and smooth finish so it easily slides on and doesn’t leave a mark. It sits pretty rigidly on the iPhone so it won’t just fall off but can very quickly be taken off. They got the tightness perfect.

It won’t fit over any cases. It’ll only fit on naked iPhones.

Sample Pictures

To give you an idea of the field of view you get, I’ve included a gallery below with the standard, wide-angle and then fish-eye. You can clearly see how much of a difference the lenses can make. As expected though, there is distortion around the edges of the photo. They do add a very dramatic effect though.

The macro lens is pretty phenomenal. It can get so close that it can show details which the human eye can’t see. You’ll need to centre your object carefully so you get it in focus though.

Overall I was very impressed by the OlloClip. The lenses add a whole different dimension to your iPhone camera. It enables you to take pictures which are pretty phenomenal and makes you think differently too. You’ll want to take pictures which you wouldn’t have been able to achieve with the standard camera.

It comes in three different colour combos – red, white and black.



Oliur Rahman

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