Incipio EDGE Case for iPhone 5


P1080411 620x414 Incipio EDGE Case for iPhone 5

Since publishing a post the other day showing off the gear I carry when I’m on the road, many have asked what case I was using on my iPhone 5. Well here is a quick review of that case which Incipio kindly sent out to me a few weeks back.

P1080405 620x414 Incipio EDGE Case for iPhone 5

It’s a hard shell case which is made from two parts. It has a lovely soft texture all around which provides some extra grip than the slate finish on the iPhone 5.

P1080402 620x414 Incipio EDGE Case for iPhone 5

It’s definitely not the thinnest case in the world. But it’s thick enough to provide very adequate protection all around. It covers all corners of the case and will easily handle a drop or two.

P1080408 620x414 Incipio EDGE Case for iPhone 5

One very small thing which I appreciate is the cut out for the volume buttons and silent switcher. It cuts around to the back of the case which means you can easily feel the buttons, giving them a very tactile feel – unlike other cases which surround the buttons so it can be difficult to press them or locate them when you’re not looking.

One very cool thing they include in the package with the case is this little plastic piece which folds into a little flip up stand for the iPhone 5. It’s very thin and can easily fit in a pocket or wallet. Ideal for watching movies and YouTube videos.

P1080400 620x414 Incipio EDGE Case for iPhone 5

Overall I think the case is brilliant. It’s become my main case for my iPhone 5 purely because it provides some great protection without looking hideous. It’s very minimally styled which I’m sure many will appreciate.

The case also comes in a variety of colours so you can switch it up if you like by mixing and matching.

Incipio EDGE case for iPhone 5

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