Free Alternative Font to Gotham & Proxima Nova

If you’re into your fonts you’ll know that Gotham and Proxima Nova are very similar and very expensive fonts. They’ve recently become massively popular in the design community and some of the biggest sites use them.

As with everything that has a price tag on it, there’s always an alternative which is cheaper or free. Montserrat is your perfect alternative to Gotham and Proxima Nova.

Montserrat isn’t just free, it’s one of Google’s own web fonts so you can use it how you like on any website.

I created a quick comparison of the three fonts. You can see Montserrat in the middle. The font is nearly identical to Gotham which is used in posters and designers everywhere, the font is actually unavoidable now.

So if you’re after the perfect alternative to Gotham or Proxima Nova, it’s got to be Montserrat.

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