Find Out Where You Sit In The Global Rich List

Find Out Where You Sit In The Global Rich List

Have you ever wondered how rich you really are? Most of us will take our annual salary for granted and think that’s not enough. We’ll compare ourselves to the richer out there when really we are the rich. allows you to enter your salary and find out how rich you really are. I put in the average annual salary of a UK citizen which £26,500. Now in the UK that might not seem like much money. But according to Global Rich List if you earn that much you’re actually in the top 0.64% of the richest people in the world, you’d be in the top 1%.

There are some other great statistics too. On a wage of £26,500 you’ll be earning on average £13.80 an hour. Meanwhile the average worker in Zimbabwe would be making just £0.38 an hour. You’d earn enough to be able to afford a can of cola in 2 minutes. You’d be able to afford a new iPhone in just 6 days. Your monthly income could pay for 226 doctors a month in Malawi.

So even though you may think you’re earning little, compared to the rest of the world you’re pretty much a billionaire.



Oliur Rahman

Founder & CEO of UltraLinx