My favourite watch company ZIIIRO have just announced a new watch, the ZIIIRO Saturn. It’s taken them a year to produce the new model and has some new features which their other models do not.

ZIIIRO have always created watches which tell the time in an unconventional way. Many think there is a huge learning curve to learn how to read the time from their watches, trust me, you’ll get the hang of it in a day. I have their Celeste model and couldn’t be any more pleased with it. The materials used are of very high quality and they look stunning. I always get questioned about mine when I wear it.

This new ZIIIRO Saturn model shows a new way in which to display the time. The outer ring represents every hour of the day and the inner ring represents the minutes. it comes in black, gunmetal and chrome. Made high quality stainless steel. This one also has a light which none of their other models do.

You can pre-order one now and should expect it in late December.



Oliur Rahman

Founder & CEO of UltraLinx oliur.com