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Jobs for iPhone   Tech Focused

There have been jobs apps available since the existence of the app store, so they’re nothing new. However if you’re in the tech field and looking for a job you may be interested in this jobs apps particularly.

This app is a focused jobs app which mainly concentrates on tech jobs such as app developers, web designers, graphic designers…etc.

When looking for a job you can choose from full-time, freelance, contract, internship or telecommute jobs. So they have most work types covered. You can then choose a category too depending on which field you are in, whether it be UI design or information architecture. It’s a good way to narrow down the list so you’re applying to jobs you have experience or education in.

Once you’ve filtered out the jobs you’re looking for you get a list of the jobs available. It’ll display what the job title is, the logo of the company hiring, location and when it was posted. When I looked there were some big names on there including Rdio, Ministry of Sound and many others.

When you tap on a job you like you can read the full description and you get the name of the company. They add nice header images which move which makes a very nice touch. There are then a number of options available. You can find the exact location of the job and it’ll show it to you on a map. You can apply for the job right from your phone, mark it as a favourite, send it via mail or tweet it.

The overall design of the app is brilliant and makes finding jobs a breeze, unlike many other jobs apps I’ve come across. The app is only £0.69, a small price to pay if you’re looking for a job.

Jobs for iPhone


Oliur Rahman

Founder & CEO of UltraLinx