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If you’re a true cinema lover and are a millionaire, Prima Cinema may be the thing you’ve been waiting for. It is an elite movie service which brings cinema movies straight to the comfort of your own home. So if a new film were just released in the cinema today, instead of going to the cinema, you can watch it at home right now.

You get given a set of equipment when you sign up which includes the projector and audio system. You get full 1080p clarity which they say is even better than Blu-Ray. You get 3D capability too, and the sound comes in either 5.1 or 7.1 depending on the film and your setup of course.

What’s the cost for all this? $20,000. The cost just doesn’t stop there though. You have to pay $500 each time you watch a new film too. So as you can guess, the costs will rack up a fair amount if you were to watch a number of films.

Prima Cinema

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