Apple Offering Discounts On Its Products – 23rd of November

Apple Offering Discounts On Its Products   23rd of November

With the 23rd of November being Black Friday for US consumers, the day where a lot of products receive discounts, Apple is also joining in. Here in the UK we have no such thing as Black Friday, but that hasn’t stopped Apple offering discounts on the day for UK consumers too.

The discounts will only be available for the one day and the discounts Apple are offering are 10 – 15% off. That’s not much compared to others, but it can actually add up considering the price of Apple’s products. If you were to apply that to an iMac you’d be able to get off £100 or more, which is quite a bit.

This is an ideal day for consumers to purchase new Apple products directly from Apple at a discounted price. Prices for products and what products will be discounted haven’t been announced, I’m guessing Apple will do that on the day. You don’t have to shop online either, you can head to your nearest Apple store and still receive the discounts.


Oliur Rahman

Founder & CEO of UltraLinx