Strip A Model Down To Her Underwear With Your Smartphone!

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Strip A Model Down To Her Underwear With Your Smartphone!

The highly popular underwear brand Wonderbra has released a new way to engage with their brand, products and models. Wonderbra is now utilising smartphones to enable people to strip its models down to their underwear - and it actually works pretty well.

You simply download their app and then when you come across a Wonderbra advertisement, whether it be a picture or video, you launch the app, aim it at the advertisement and it'll show the model with just her underwear.

The model they're using is Adriana Cernanova a supermodel who has played in some other Wonderbra ads in the past.

Wonderbra Augmented Reality App

You can try out the augmented reality with the picture above. First you either need to download the iPhone or Android version of the app, depending on your device. Launch it and then hold it up facing the picture above.

You can also try it with the video above. The app will track the sound and movement of the video, getting it all synchronised, the model will move behind the curtain and the video will continue to play on your smartphone, with voice and everything all synchronised very well. I was actually pretty surprised how well it was all synchronised.

These ads will be all across the UK. It will be weird seeing guys and girls point their phones at the ads in the middle of the street though.