Shadowgun: Deadzone


Shadowgun 620x302 Shadowgun: Deadzone

Madfinger are known for their top quality releases, but they have raised the bar even higher with their new multiplayer shooter Shadowgun: Deadzone.

Its only in BETA and exclusive to tegra 3 at the moment with 2 maps and 2 modes, but you can test loads of gadgets and guns that look and sound amazing. The graphics as a whole are great showing why tegra 3 is still the place to be for hardcore gamers.

Shadowgun Deadzone Shadowgun: Deadzone

For those who are Shadowgun virgins, the original is basically a Gears of War-esque shooter with amazing graphics, gameplay and voice acting. The game has 10 challenging levels that will have you ducking and diving (literally) and ends with an epic boss battle that will challenge even the most seasoned of gamer. Plus they added 3 extra levels in a free expansion to get your teeth into.

This game was subject to major piracy so don’t be surprised if the new multiplayer game is Free-to-play or freemium like Dead trigger.

Shadowgun Deadzone 2 Shadowgun: Deadzone

So, for all you Tegra 3 device owners, get down to the market and test your shooting skills to see if you can master the rocket launcher, mines, grenades and the lethal shotgun.

Shadowgun: Deadzone for Android

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