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Chameleon Launcher Nexus 7 Chameleon Launcher for Android

Chameleon Launcher is a launcher which was funded through Kickstarter. The project was successfully funded and the app became real, unlike many other concept Android UI’s.

The main aim of this launcher was to become the ideal launcher for Android tablets. Android tablet homescreens were usually blown up versions of the mobile ones, especially on the Nexus 7. All that screen space can be put to use through widgets, but unfortunately most Android widgets, again, were only catered for smaller screens.

Chameleon Launcher is a launcher which takes advantage of the screen estate available on tablets. It provides you with custom widgets which are a lot more useful than most others out there.

I tried the app on my Nexus 7 and I was pretty impressed. Especially by how fluid and smooth it was.

P1060188 620x414 Chameleon Launcher for Android

Shown above is the edit screen which is actually marvellous to use. You can resize widgets, remove them or add more. The launcher itself comes with various custom widgets including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weather and many more. Above I am using the time, weather, switches and news widgets.

With the Nexus 7 having only a 7-inch screen you are of course given less space to place widgets. 10-inch tablets can fit a few more widgets.

P1060175 620x414 Chameleon Launcher for Android

You can easily change and add more homescreens too. You can also name the different homescreens, have different widgets and different wallpapers.

P1060186 620x414 Chameleon Launcher for Android

One of my favourite and very unique to this launcher is the ability to have different homescreens which can change automatically. The homescreens can change depending on the time, network or location. This is so useful if you use your tablet in various places like home and work. You can have a homescreen for work which can come on when you’re at work, then when you get home it can change to a homescreen fit for home.

It’s a pretty awesome feature which I’m sure will be useful to many out there.

P1060190 620x414 Chameleon Launcher for Android

This is easily one of the best homescreen launchers available for Android tablets because it’s been made for Android tablets. It’s not like other launchers out there which simply enlarge. The only thing is that it costs £6.32 which may seem pretty steep for a launcher but you’ve got to think about what you’re getting here. It’s an app which has been built from ground up for tablets in mind. It’s an app which you will use nearly all the time because it’ll be your homescreen. It’s infinitely more useful than Android’s own homescreen, making use of the larger screens and having custom widgets which are made for larger screens.

Chameleon Launcher for Android

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