Pick’n’Roll Dribbble Client for iPad

PicknRoll Dribbble Client for iPad

For those who know of Dribbble, they’ll know how it can be such a great source of inspiration. Looking at other people’s work can really help spark a new idea and can help you design your own stuff very well.

Pick’n’Roll is a very neat Dribbble client which is super clean and easy to use. The UI is clean and to the point, you can browse pictures and look at the comments. You can also use the pinch to zoom gesture to show more or less shots. Of course, as with any Dribbble client, you can actually like anything or comment on anything – this is due to Dribbble’s limited API.

My favourite feature of the app has to be the photo frame (below). You can simply put it into photo frame mode and the client will give you a slideshow of the most popular shots right now. It’s a great way to feed yourself with inspiration.

Pick’n’Roll for iPad

PicknRoll Dribbble Client for iPad



Oliur Rahman

Founder & CEO of UltraLinx oliur.com