Otterbox Reflex Series for iPhone Review

Otterbox Reflex Series for iPhone Review

Thanks to for sending this out to me for review. Pssst, they’re now selling accessories in the USA, I highly recommend them to my American readers.

Otterbox are very well known now for their cases that they provide for a number of phones and tablets. They have different series of cases depending on what they look like and how much protection they give. Here we have the Reflex series for the iPhone which is right in the middle – it’s not the toughest they have but then it’s not a wimp either.

The main things which the Reflex series covers are drops and scratches.

Otterbox Reflex Series for iPhone Review

In the box your given the case of course and a screen protector – something which comes with every case, a very nice addition. I’ve also found that the screen protectors Otterbox provide with their cases are a lot better than most. They’re very clean, stick very well, resist a lot of scratches and leave no residue when taking them off.

Otterbox Reflex Series for iPhone Review

The Reflex series usually consists of just two pieces which slide together and lock into place. This offers one layer of protection for your iPhone. When sliding on the case it’s a very tight fit so if you’re using a screen protector it might end up taking the screen protector off – so I recommend using Otterbox’s one that comes with the case.

Otterbox Reflex Series for iPhone Review

The design of the case isn’t anything to shout about. It’s not the best looking case and does end up making your iPhone look a bit like a brick because it’s very thick. With the front having a lip all the way around, putting it face-down-flat means it won’t touch the surface, avoiding scratches.

Otterbox Reflex Series for iPhone Review

However the case isn’t meant to look stunning, it’s made to protect your iPhone. With the super thick layer it has, it’ll easy protect your iPhone from scratches and drops.

Each corner of the case also has a rubber air pockets which is a brilliant way to absorb the energy if you drop it.


If you’re looking for a very tough but thin case which will protect your iPhone, Otterbox’s Reflex series is one of the best to go by. It’s bang in the middle of the 5 types of cases they offer and is meant to stylish and tough at the same time. It’s also very easy to take on and off when needed. I’d recommend it to anyone who is protective over the iPhone. You don’t want to be paying for a new one once you’ve cracked the glass, right?

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