Apply Tilt Shift To Any Picture Through jQuery & CSS3


Apple Tilt Shift Through CSS31 Apply Tilt Shift To Any Picture Through jQuery & CSS3

jQuery and CSS3 are now becoming standard in creating beautiful websites. They also allow you to do stuff which was no where near possible before. The only problem is that people aren’t updating their browsers to keep up with the movement.

So note, this will only work in Chrome and Safari 6.

This very neat jQuery plugin allows you to apply a tilt-shift effect on any picture you like. Above is a screenshot of the plugin working so you can see what it is capable of. You can also adjust the tilt shift how you like for each image. You can choose the position, how much blur you like, how much should be in focus, the falloff area (the area between the blur and focus) and the direction.

If you’re interested in applying this trick to your pictures, head over to Noel Tock’s post about it here.


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