Work Out How Much You Should Be Charging As A Freelancer With This App


MyPrice 620x414 Work Out How Much You Should Be Charging As A Freelancer With This App

One of the hardest things about becoming a freelancer or offering freelancing services is working out what kind of prices you should be charging. There are so many variables when charging for freelancing services, such as – experience, portfolio, costs, area of work and many others.

MyPrice is the must have app for any freelancer out there. It enables you to put in information about what you do, how skilled you are, where you work, customer service hours and much more. By inputting these variables the app can then work out how much you should be charging. Whether it be per hour or per project – of course a thing which I and a lot of other freelancers recommend, is giving a discount when working on full projects, instead of charging exactly by the hour.

There is a project section which will help you work out how much you should be charging for a particular project. The amount of variables which are available is brilliant and can really enable you to customise a project fully and make sure you’re not over or under charging for your services.

The app doesn’t just let enable you to find out how much you should be charging though. There is a whole section for freelancing tips where there are a bunch of helpful articles on a various number of occupations.

Lastly, the app also has a jobs board – where you can find jobs for all types of freelancing jobs. However one problem I found was that many of the jobs were US based which is unfortunate because it’s a bit useless to others from different countries.

This is easily one of the best apps for any freelancer out there, new or experienced. And not just that, the app is also completely free!


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