Word Lens – Real Time Language Translation App for Android & iOS


 Word Lens   Real Time Language Translation App for Android & iOS

Hundreds of new apps come out everyday, only a very few number of them are actually useful. Word Lens is an app which completely makes use of the smartphones we carry around in our pockets. It’s probably one of the most useful apps ever made, will appeal to everyone and is just darn brilliant.

Word Lens is a language translation app. But it’s a translation app which takes translating to a new level. You simply point your smartphone camera at some words in another language, like French, and can have those words translated in real time on your smartphone screen.

It’s one of those apps where you think “omg, why didn’t anyone come up with this before!”.

Obviously there are some limitations, such as only 4 languages are supported. Now that is a very small number compared to the hundreds of languages out there. However they are major languages, English, Spanish, French and Italian. Hopefully new languages will be added over time.

Check out the video below to see how it works.

Word Lens for iOS | Android

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