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Watches have always been a fashion accessory, only recently has technology played a larger role in watches and how they work. Mutewatch is a great example of time and technology mixed together.

The Mutewatch is very different from most watches on the market today. It doesn’t actually look like a watch at all. When I wore it, most thought it was wristband or bracelet of some sort. However, once they they see the LED’s glow and see the time, they’re taken back a bit, and always end up wanting to find out more.

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The Mutewatch has a uni-body like design. The brilliant part about this is that it is waterproof, down to 100m. The watch itself is made from a type of rubber which is very solid. Dropping it will not cause any damage but it can get scratched so it should be taken care of like any other watch. The band is adjustable and can fit even the most tiniest of wrists.

The materials used in the watch are of very high quality and so they should be considering £199 price tag. I was impressed with the quality of the rubber and how tough it is.

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The front face of the watch is set at an angle so it is easier to view. This does inevitably add a bit of bulk. The clock part of the watch is pretty thick, but with the amount that is in there you can see why. The front face of the watch is actually a capacitive  touch screen and shows the time in the form of LED’s. So whenever you tap the face it’ll glow with the time. You can then cycle through a number of other features which come with the watch such as, alarm and timer. To set these all you do is swipe up or down to cycle through the numbers. It’s very easy once you realise how to do. I do recommend reading the manual. The watch also has an accelerometer and a vibrating motor. A neat feature which is possible because of the accelerometer is that when you flick the watch up to look at the time, it’ll automatically start glowing, then when you put your arm down, it’ll switch back off – pretty cool.

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The watch is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery can last for 3-4 days depending on usage. It charges via USB and will take around 2 hours to fully charge. When the battery is low it’ll show “BATT” on the screen. This may be a killer for most because we’re all so used to having watches last years on a battery.

I do love the design of the watch, it’s beautifully crafted and minimalism has played a huge role in the design of it. The only things I didn’t like was how thick it was and how regularly it needed charging. I’m sure as tech evolves the watch will end up becoming thinner, considering how phones have LED touchscreens which are just millimetres thin. The Mutewatch definitely isn’t for everyone but then again it isn’t just limited to geeks or nerds. Anyone can use this watch and it’ll definitely suit those who want something different from the ordinary LED watches.

Mutewatch – £199

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