Mujjo’s Minimal “Originals” iPhone & iPad Sleeves


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Mujjo is a Dutch company which has become a designer label when it comes to accessories for gadgets like the iPhone and iPad. They first created some gloves which worked on touchscreens, with their success they continued to create more products.

They sent out to two of their products, an iPad and an iPhone sleeve. These sleeves are part of their “Originals” collection.

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They don’t keep up with current trends but instead have a certain taste which appeal to few. I love their style and jumped at the chance of getting some sample products.

The design of the “Originals” collection combines minimalistic styling with high quality materials. The materials used are 100% wool felt and real high quality leather. All the sleeves are also hand made, and it’s easy to tell when you get one. They don’t have that perfection which machines would produce and that’s what makes them even more unique. You know that hard work and love was put in to creating the sleeves.

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The iPad sleeve is made from a combination of wool and leather. The wool feels amazing and is very nice to touch. It is very thick too, which is assuring because an iPad is a delicate device. It’ll fit any generation iPad too.

P1040389 620x414 Mujjos Minimal Originals iPhone & iPad Sleeves

The iPad sleeve has an extra pocket in the front which is actually quite large. Along with my iPad, I was able to get my Nexus 7 in there! It’s made for putting things like notepads, pens, accessories – a various number of things. It’ll be great for those who want to take their iPad and other things to work, in style.

P1040379 620x414 Mujjos Minimal Originals iPhone & iPad Sleeves

The iPad stays in the sleeve with the use of a flap which tucks under a leather belt that goes around the front of the case. It’s then stapled in with metal buttons on both sides.

P1040003 620x414 Mujjos Minimal Originals iPhone & iPad Sleeves

The iPhone sleeve is as basic as you can get. It’s simply made from the tanned brown leather and goes very well with the iPad sleeve. The inside of the sleeve has some sort of microfibre layer. When first using the case, a lot of dust from inside the case ends up on the front and back of the iPhone. This is just due to it being new. After a week or two of use it was fine. It fits the iPhone 4/4S perfectly and snug. It’s not too tight either like some other sleeves, making it easier to pull out.

P1040002 620x414 Mujjos Minimal Originals iPhone & iPad Sleeves

The great thing about leather is that over time it wears, giving it an even more authentic and quality look. Around the top of the iPhone sleeve the colour started fading slightly and I personally think it looks great. This where your fingers are most likely to rub on the sleeve when you take the iPhone out it.

P1040383 620x414 Mujjos Minimal Originals iPhone & iPad Sleeves

I was hugely impressed by the quality of the sleeves with Mujjo sent to me, and I think they’re the best sleeves I’ve used yet. They quality of the materials are really up there, giving a real sense of luxury. With the minimalistic design and them being hand made they’re also very classy. They’re a lot more noticeable than your average iPhone and iPad sleeves because of the brown leather, but that’s the point. They’re supposed to be a designer label, and most designer labels are out there to be noticed.

If you’re looking for top notch, high quality and classy sleeves for your iPhone, iPad or MacBook, I highly recommend Mujjo.


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