Google Now Like Voice Search Coming Over To iOS

Google Now Like Voice Search Coming Over To iOS

Google’s ‘Google Now‘ seems to coming over to iOS…kind of. The very impressive voice search system now brings its super fast voice search capabilities to iOS, however one major feature which seems to be missing is the cards feature. I think the reason they didn’t include the cards was because they wanted it to stay unique to Android Jellybean devices.

‘Google Now’ has shown time and time again how much quicker it is at most searches than Siri. The only advantage Siri has is over the built-in apps on the iPhone and able to control and use them, such as set an alarm and reminders. When this enhanced voice search system comes over to iOS it won’t be able to do that. However it will clearly be a lot faster at searching for information on the web.

The app will be coming in the next few days so don’t expect to find it in the App Store yet.


Oliur Rahman

Founder & CEO of UltraLinx