How To Organise Your Resources As A Designer

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As a web designer or a graphic designer, you can use various applications to organize your work. However, given a vast array of apps, people often end up getting confused. Even some of the recommended applications do not provide value for money. You must be well acquainted with the latest apps so that you make the most appropriate choices. The following are some of the apps that can help improve your efficiency.


Nozbe offers project management features, thereby allowing you to manage your tasks better. It includes to-do lists and reminders, and hence enhances your efficiency. What’s more, you can share your reminders with others and coordinate with your co-workers. Additionally, you can get this app onto your mobile for on-the-go project management.

How To Organise Your Resources As A Designer

Open Atrium

Open atrium is essentially an open source platform for the intranet. It helps you keep track of your research as well as your projects. One of its most notable features is to-do list that is combined with wiki. Shoutbox and dashboard are its equally important features. This app is also popular for its calendar and blog. 

How To Organise Your Resources As A Designer


QuickSilver is more of an extendable interface allowing you to launch your applications faster. It is useful for running several programs on Mac. It lets you manage and sync contacts, music and images. What makes this app worthwhile is the fact that you can access it using command line.

How To Organise Your Resources As A Designer


Todoist is equipped with a nice interface to help you arrange your tasks conveniently. It allows you to make well-structured lists, and hence simplifies your project management process. It can be integrated with Gmail so that you can synchronize your to-do lists with your orders. It also includes a calendar to keep you on track, time-wise. You can also access this app on your mobile device and increase your productivity wherever you go.

How To Organise Your Resources As A Designer


To be a successful designer, you need to set clear, well-defined goals. The ideal approach is to divide your assignment into small accomplishable steps that you must complete within the budget and deadline. It is equally important to evaluate your progress periodically so that you can constantly improve your performance. It’s a technology miracle that you can carry out all the above mentioned tasks with the help of one application – MeCanBe.

How To Organise Your Resources As A Designer


Voo2d is a project management tool that allows you to manage your time effectively and efficiently. You can also integrate this app with your email and save time on copying orders from your inbox. Voo2d has a clean and simple Ajax-powered interface that enables you to keep track of your time.


There is cut-throat competition in the field of graphic/web designing. In this field, the cliché “time is money” couldn’t be truer. For a designer, a second saved is a penny earned. Therefore, you can benefit from an app that not only creates a to-list but also notifies her when a deadline is approaching. Toodledo is one such app that will give you a timely alert/reminder to keep up the momentum.


If you were to explain Evernote to a six year old, you might say it is used to create portable notes. In fact, Evernote is possibly the best app suited for this purpose, as it helps you record your images, tasks and plans from any corner of the world. Designing is all about managing your ideas. Evernote will help you accomplish that with ease.

How To Organise Your Resources As A Designer


HiTask is a free application. It is a web-based tool that helps you to manage your task conveniently. Being organized is crucial to becoming a successful web/graphic designer. HiTask helps you organize your tasks and portfolio, and hence boosts your credibility. Furthermore, it provides detailed scheduling of your assignments. You can also share your tasks with your co-workers and enhance your productivity.

How To Organise Your Resources As A Designer


This application allows you to set up a completely free account. Then you can record and graphically represent the time taken for certain tasks. This application is excellent for self-monitoring. As it helps you realize how long it takes you to finish a particular task, you will be prompted to perform your tasks faster.


To be a successful web/graphic designer you need to create a routine, and more importantly, stick to a routine. Rootein helps you in both creating and maintaining a disciplined approach to your work. This application enables you to add your new routine and record your daily progress. If you follow a routine for a continuous period of twenty-one days, then you may no longer need this application.


Almost every tech enthusiast knows that Microsoft Project is the industry standard for project management. However, it is not for free and not every body can afford it. OpenProj is a worthwhile alternative to Microsoft Project. It is available for free and works almost as efficiently as Microsoft Project. One of the goals of creating applications is to provide people with free/affordable versions of popular software. OpenProj truly serves this purpose.


Notefly is a simple desktop application for Windows that helps you create and maintain sticky notes on your desktop. With the help of this application, you are free to save anything and everything in your desktop notes. Whether it is your to-do lists, ideas, inspirational quotes, your today-I-learned facts or/and lessons – you can spontaneously preserve anything without having to fumble for a pen and paper. Furthermore, this application allows you to get your notes onto your email and social media accounts.


WhenIsGood helps you schedule business meetings and plan get-togethers with your friends. You might say, “So does a simple text message! Then what is the difference?” When we send the invites, more often than not, the meet-up has to be rescheduled due to unavailability of some people. WhenIsGood allows all the attendees to upload their preferred date; so that you can select a date that works for everyone involved.


Tungle is a popular alternative to WhenIsGood. With both these web applications, you can schedule a meeting as per the availability of your friends and co-workers. The only difference between Tungle and WhenIsGood is that the former requires you to create a free account to access its benefits.

How To Organise Your Resources As A Designer


Osmo is one of the most popular desktop apps. It has a basic interface that enables you to arrange and manage your tasks and schedules easily. It is well-equipped with features that help you handle all your dates, contacts, and notes. It also includes multiple calendars, which is inarguably more beneficial than a single in-built calendar.

Digital Janitor 

When it comes to graphic/web designing, staying organized is as important as being talented. After all, what good is your hard work if you can not even access your portfolio?! If you can not locate your files in time, you may lose some really valuable ideas and information. Therefore, you need to keep your computer well organized. Digital Janitor is a desktop application which is used to sort both files and folders. It is equipped with a well-structured interface. It is very helpful in enhancing your efficiency at work.


This application is analogous to Notefly. Both Notefly and Scribbly help you preserve your notes on your desktop. Only difference is that the latter includes the feature of timestamps so that you can look over your notes chronologically.


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