ImgTumble for iPhone & iPad

ImgTumble for iPhone & iPad

imgTumble is a beautiful image/photo sharing application for Tumblr which focuses on exactly that – photos. So, if you use your blog for something other than images then I don’t recommend using this app. The UI is just gorgeous (more so on the iPhone), because the iPad version a bit more cluttered. It doesn’t allow the user to look at only what’s being posted, but instead has it in a column along with your accounts and images that you have liked. The iPhone version is free where as the iPad version is $1.99. But, in order to use all of the features on the iPhone version such as the ability to post to your blog from within the application you’ll need to go pro, which is an in app purchase of $1.99 as well.

Features include:

  • Easy to use scroll and swipe interface with uncropped image previews
  • Quick access to your Dashboard and Likes
  • Enter a tumbelog name to load it’s posts
  • Seen-tumblelog history for quick revisiting
  • Easy like and reblog
  • Animated gif support
  • Lock screen for app privacy (Pro feature)
  • Upload photos to Tumblr from your camera or library (Pro feature)
  • Reblog to queue
  • App stats: See your imgTumble stats (Pro feature)
ImgTumble for iPhone & iPad


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