Michael Lazerow Emotional Video on the Sale of Buddy Media

Michael Lazerow Emotional Video on the Sale of Buddy Media

Michael Lazerow, the CEO of Buddy Media, has created a truly emotional video after selling his company, Buddy Media, to salesforce.com for a massive $689 million.

Now many people won’t have a clue what Buddy Media is, it’s not your average household tech name, but the company’s main aim is to help businesses make use of their social media assets. It provides many different services and products which help other businesses stay connected to their customers and consumers. The company was started in 2007 and gained a lot of high profile clients. SalesForce.com took note and snapped up the company.

The video below was made by Michael Lazerow himself with his own iPad and amateur camera setup. The video doesn’t cover any main details about the acquisition, but is mainly about his life and his advice to the world. He goes through how he has a major heart condition which makes his life a lot more difficult than it should be, stating how he cheated death a couple of times. You can clearly see he’s made the video smiling but also wiping back a couple tears. His main aim is to tell us that fear shouldn’t hold us back and how being fearless enabled him to do things he wouldn’t have done before, like start his first company.


Oliur Rahman

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