Harvest — The Perfect Software for Tracking Time

If you have ever searched for a decent time-tracking software then you’ve more than likely discovered some shortcomings. Most available software programs are either lacking in features, design, or both, and the more reputable ones cost far more than what you may be willing to pay. Fortunately, Harvest succeeds where the others fail at a price that will snuggly fit within your budget.

I’ve had the pleasure of using Harvest for the past month on my iPhone and iMac and I’m astonished at how well it works. It’s very versatile and full of features, with a beautiful user interface to boot. Plus, I was able to find an available pricing plan that satisfied my purpose for using the software. Of course, a few sentences do not do my experience justice so I’ll break down the highlights in detail.


What really sold me about Harvest is its versatility; most time-tracking software is limited to the desktop and many mobile apps lack other device counterparts. Harvest filled the gaps between all of my devices with its web application, Mac desktop widget, and iOS app. Any project I created in the web app were instantly synced across my network, which made it easy for me to manage everything when I left the desktop at home to work remotely in the coffee shop down the street.

If I wanted to track time without Safari then I simply pulled up the Harvest widget on my desktop, and if I had an important business meeting away from a computer then I opened the Harvest app on my iPhone. Wherever I went on whatever device, Harvest was accessible at my convenience.


In addition to tracking time Harvest hosts many other native features. The web app allowed me to view detailed progress reports, project income, amounts uninvoiced, and project budgets. The nifty Visual Reports feature created stylized reports based on my work data, and the Fast Invoice Creation feature helped me swiftly bill my clients without the use of another program. If I needed to manage my receipts then I simply snapped a photo of them with my iPhone camera or webcam and in a matter of minutes my purchase history was neatly organized on Harvest’s servers.

These aren’t stocking-stuffing features; each one made my projects easier to manage. If I wasn’t in the market for a time-tracking software I would still download Harvest just for its array of useful data-managment features.


Harvest’s user interface design is truly a breath of fresh air. Its consistency retained a satisfying experience across all of my devices, and limiting features on certain components kept the interface running as smoothly on the iOS app as it did on the web app. I found it beautiful enough to admire, and yet easy enough to maneuver around.


In today’s economy consumers are looking to spend as little as possible, especially on software. That’s why Harvest offers four plans to fit any budget and a free 30-day trial for the interested (and weary.) The Solo plan is available for $12/month and works with up to 3 users. The Basic plan goes for $40/month and works with up to 10 users. The Business plan goes for $90/month and starts with 10 users and works with an unlimited amount of users, although each additional user past 10 users costs an extra $10/month. Each plan offers unlimited clients, projects, and invoicing, and the Basic and Business plans offer an additional timesheet approval feature.

Of course, if you’re on a tight budget like I am then you can choose the Harvest Free Forever plan which offers 2 projects, 4 clients, and 1 user. I found this plan quite sufficient for my one-man-operated freelancing business.

So if you’re searching for a time-tracking software that works just as well as it looks and won’t set you too far back financially then I strongly recommend Harvest. I’ve had a wonderful experience with it and I will continue using it for all of my time-tracking needs. After all, time is money, so why not manage it with the perfect software?

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