World’s Most Expensive 1 Bedroom Apartment – $21.8 Million

The world’s most expensive 1 bedroom apartment is located in Minami-Azabu, Tokyo – the most expensive neighbourhood in Tokyo. Now you may be thinking why the hell it costs so much for a measly 1 bedroom apartment. Well it isn’t not ordinary apartment. It has a massive span of 4,434 square foot. All the furniture in the apartment was custom designed by Cecotti Collezioni. The walls, flooring and doors are made from the highest quality italian stone and wood. A custom designed kitchen made for a chef to make, cook and serve the food. There are original paintings by Japanese artist Hiroshi Senju located all around the apartment, all painted on site. There as a huge walk in wardrobe and a shoe storage unit which can shelve 200 pairs of shoes.

You can’t really get any classier than this.