DayOne – The Beautiful Journal App for Mac OSX

DayOne   The Beautiful Journal App for Mac OSX

Every now and again an app comes along that makes me change my workflow. Makes me sit up and take notice of what’s going on in my day, the way I get things done and how I interact with the various machines at my disposal. An app that has managed to creep into my life in a way I didn’t think was still possible (I like my routine!) – that app is ‘Day One’, a new journaling app created by Bloom and available for the Mac (via the Mac App Store) and iOS devices.

The premise of Day One is simple, you record a journal. That’s it, you just write up what has happened throughout your day and make sure you have a record of what has happened. Day One is different to other journal apps for a few reasons.

It’s beautiful – The UX design is simple, understated and elegant – yet a joy to use and effortless. There is no learning curve, no instruction manual to read and nothing to get wrong. You just write, and write and write.

It reminds you to write – You can set the frequency of reminders with a simple slider interface. The system tells you when to write, and a status bar icon provides a smaller version of the interface for quick updates.

It follows you wherever you go – Syncing via Dropbox or iCloud Documents is simple and effective. Allowing you to continue to update your journal on the move, at your desk or on the bus. Your journal is always with you, and always up to date.

It’s secure – You can quickly and easily password protect your journal to protect it from prying eyes. No mess, no fuss – and even the log-in screen is beautifully designed.

DayOne   The Beautiful Journal App for Mac OSX

For my personal situation DayOne is the perfect companion. As a Producer (Project Manager) my life is full of snippets of information, and having the ability to record short bursts of information via the task bar is invaluable. Quickly scanning through the date view allows me to find notes recorded on particular days and times, matching up with my meetings schedule so I know where to look. I can envisage DayOne being equally useful to a student or even someone who wanted to track and record the build up to an important even (for example the birth of a child). The elegant interface could easily appeal to all and the designer Paul Mayne should be credited for his efforts in this regard.

When I looked at Piezo recently, I commented on the fact that the developer could have just focused on the functionality and rushed the app out to market, but again in this case, Bloom took the time to make sure that the app fits into the classic “Apple” app style. It genuinely looks like something that belongs within OSX 10.7 Lion and (faux leather effects aside) it complements the rest of the built in utilities on the Mac and fills in functionality missing from the out of the box OSX experience.

DayOne Journal is available on the Mac App Store and iOS App Store for iPad and iPhone.


Jonathan Hume

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  1. Hi, Jon. I’m Rafael, one of the owners of Juicy Cocktail. We make a journaling app for OS X that offers better media integration than Day One for about the same price. Memories ( has an easy to use interface while you can add images & other media to your entries in Memories. Furthermore we offer true encryption. Day One is password protected, but it is very easy to see the plain text of your entries when you go to the folder in the Finder where your journal is stored. Memories uses AES encryption and your entries are really unreadable for prying eyes. I think that our export and import functionality is also superior. You can export and import entries in over five formats and choose between exporting a single entry or the whole diary.