Nozbe Task Manager for Android is Beautiful

Nozbe Task Manager for Android is Beautiful

If you have just bought an Android phone after having an iPhone, Nozbe is perfect for you. The iOS-like UI will ease the transition to your new phone nicely.

Nozbe is a task manager for Android devices that provides a simple, well-designed way to organise things to do. It simply lets you add tasks and then organise them within folders, projects and contexts. You can share and delegate tasks to people if you sign in to a Nozbe account, which let’s you instantly synchronise your tasks.

Nozbe also allows you to sync tasks with Evernote meaning you don’t have to lose your old notes; just sign in.

When using the app, I found it to be quite slow. The instant synchronisation is a very useful feature, but only on par with other task managing solutions. Alternatives such as Wunderlist and Any.DO work better for me.

If you use a different task manager and think it’s better than these solutions, please share it in the comments below.



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  1. Thanks for the post. Agreed that Wunderlist and Any.Do are much smoother. 

    Recently came across an incredible to-do app for Android called JeuzDeux. It syncs with and matches the styling of the awesome web based task manager.

    Perfect to do app for me because of the clean UI and functional design. 

  2. Graham Macphee says:

    JeuxDeux does look good; very minimal!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This has nothing to do with this app, but I would really like to recommend the app myClock, it’s a really nice alarm clock with lots of features. But best of all it has a really sleek and simple UI, check it out!