Furrr – iPhone 4S Setup by UltraLinx | Screenshots

Furrr   iPhone 4S Setup by UltraLinx | Screenshots

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My first screenshot setup in a long while – on the iPhone 4S of course. Jailbroke the thing yesterday and have been on it like a mad man. Customizing, tweaking, downloading…you name it.

For those wondering if I have left Android behind – no I haven’t. I’m just waiting for an amazing Android device (preferably from HTC or Samsung) – something a lot better than the Galaxy Nexus.

Now onto what I have got going on here:
Wallpapers – Homescreen | Lockscreen
Theme/Icons – Genesis [can be found in Cydia – FREE]

If there is anything which people would like to know, just ask in the comments below.

A mini-review of the iPhone 4S will be coming soon, including reasons why I got it. I’ll also be doing lists of my favourite jailbreak tweaks and iOS apps so keep an eye out for those!


Oliur Rahman

Founder & CEO of UltraLinx oliur.com


  1. haha the thing is … you’ll be waiting like forever for a similar device from HTC or Samsung … because they’ll never be able to bring out something as beautiful as an iPhone. From the OS point of view … I have to admit Android is by far more complex and customizable.

  2. Oh no, I’m not waiting for a device similar to the iPhone.
    I want to it to be better than the Galaxy Nexus. I’m not looking for something prettier than iOS either. Which OS is prettier is all down to preference. Android and iOS are very different. 

  3. well from my point of view … the iphone as an object is all about design and quality. I don’t think there is or will be an android device which can compete with the iphone in terms of design. But in terms of operating systems, iOS compared to ICS is starting to look old.

  4. kimoo says:

    very nice setup, what lockscreen theme are you using?

  5. iOS 5 copied many features from Android. Especially the Notification system. It’s still not as good as the Android notification system though. 

  6. exactly! … in my opinion its totally useless. That and the fact that apps seem like 3rd party apps… they aren’t integrated in the OS (I’m not talking about design). You can’t change the default calendar. You can’t change the standard browser. I don’t find an alarm app which is showing me how much time is left till the next alarm. I don’t have the date in the status bar :) . Those are a few things that drive me nuts :))   

  7. Angel Baez says:

    im having a problem with the themes everytime i try to install any theme it says cannot locate package whats the reason for this ? and what can i do to fix it 

  8. Hmm that’s weird. How are you installing them, through Cydia?

  9. Justin Lozano says:

    awesome and minimal, how do you arrange the homescreen apps that way? and what tweak do you use make the status bar transparent? – thanks

  10. I just found another lockscreen theme for iPhone. Then changed the images.

  11. szwo mensch says:

    mhh how i remove the clock / clock background? i didnt find any working cydia tweak…

  12. Angel Baez says:

    yeah im using cydia