Google Currents, The Flipboard for Android | Download 1.0.1 APK


Google Currents Logo 620x337 Google Currents, The Flipboard for Android | Download 1.0.1 APK

Flipboard for Android is finally here! Actually no it’s not, I’m lying. But Google have just made a bold move and released a Flipboard like news reader for the Android platform.

Flipboard is the most popular news reader app on the iPad and may become the most popular on iPhone in the months to come. Google has taken the idea of a news/rss reader magazine and made it into what looks like a pleasurable reading experience.

You can catch up on the latest news, keep up with your RSS feeds and keep up with social networks. You can also read through your Google reader on the app, transforming everything into a magazine-like look. You can tap on images and videos and they will expand and fit the screen, making it a lot more interactive than the magazines you get on your ordinary news stand.

The app is compatible with Android tablets and phones. Unfortunately it looks to be only available in the US. But we have the APK thanks to @SteveEdson & @4JIT

Download Currents APK for Android


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