HTC & Dropbox Offer 5GB To Everyone!

HTC & Dropbox Offer 5GB To Everyone!

HTC and Dropbox are now giving 5GB of free Dropbox space to everyone with a HTC Android phone.

A month back we did a post on HTC partnering with Dropbox and initially the two companies giving away 5GB of free space to anyone who purchases a new HTC Android phone. Now it looks like they have changed their mind and HTC tweeted out that everyone with one of their Android devices will be receiving 5GB of Dropbox space.

No one knows yet how to claim your free 5GB of space but when we do we will let you all know!


Oliur Rahman

Founder & CEO of UltraLinx


  1. Eugene Vabishchevich says:

    How to uprade my account? Or my Legend is not supported?