MIUI – Not An Ordinary Review

MIUI   Not An Ordinary Review As many Android users will know, Android is well regarded as the most customisable of all mobile operating systems. Perhaps the highest level of customisation available to Android is the ability to install a custom ROM- custom software- on to a device. Almost undoubtedly, the king of custom ROMs is the MIUI ROM. I have used this software for some time now and have come to several conclusions.

First of all, I would like to say a little about the history of MIUI. MIUI was initially set up as a customised version of the Android Open Source Project mobile software, and was written in the Chinese language. The team who set up the project, Xiaomi, based all their work around the needs of users. They allowed users to download development builds of the ROM to suggest new features and enhance the software. Since the initial formation, MIUI has acquired many so called ‘fan pages’ which develop language packs for the ROM, allowing users across the globe to use the software. This, along with the great development skills, allowed the ROM to become one of the most popular available.

On to my views; MIUI is very well designed- I particularly admire the almost entirely new UI. The smoother edges and curved corners of the whole interface make Android seem like an entirely new platform. The icons and default launcher of the ROM also have a sleek interface making it feel complete.

MIUI’s inbuilt theme application allows almost every aspect of the operating system to be customised. The lockscreen, Homescreen, Icons, Status Bar, Font, Text Style, Dialer Style, Boot Animation and Boot Audio can all be completely changed to provide an experience perfect for the user — for you. Themes and theme packs can be downloaded from within the app to allow easy and fast customisation.

MIUI  has some useful built-in features which allow users to back up all their data, including text messages, call logs, music, contacts, camera, settings and desktop layout. This means that, if you happen to do something silly with your ROM, you can easily restore everything within a simple interface.

MIUI’s settings are modified too. They allow users to control everything possible regarding the functionality of their device. The easy way to explain this is that it is as the normal settings of Android, but much deeper.

Now, I would like to say more about living with MIUI- after all it is not simply the features you use your phone for. I have used MIUI for several months, and have to say it is the best ROM I have used. It is very stable and has far more features and greater support than I could imagine. I use the development ROMs, released every Friday, and can honestly say that new features are released very quickly and usually without errors.

I do have one warning regarding MIUI. Once you have used it, you will not be able to return to a regular, non-MIUI ROM. It is just too advanced to turn away from once you have used it and I now find myself stuck with it- not that this is a bad thing, I love MIUI!

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  1. Ayo Ayedun says:

    great review

    loving myeyeyoueye!!

  2. CiNiCaL says:

    Totally agree, I came to MIUI after using the original sense UI and then a ASOP ROM.
    I was originally put off because of the “just looks like iOS” . The limitations it brings from my experience of my iPod touch and my wife’s iPhone, such as file transfer over network etc.MIUI though is much more, simple interface, everything can be quickly accessed and the customisation you spoke of.Its the openness of android and great interface that makes MIUI great and one that is hard to leave

  3. Mark W says:

    When i install the a2sd version of MIUI from http://www.miui.nl/ (i’m Dutch)
    It all works fine untill i turn of my screen and it won’t come back on, unless i reboot.
    So my experience with MIUI is not very good, that’s why i’m running Oxygen ROM.
    It’s stable but hasn’t got all the nice features MIUI has.

  4. Darian Goh says:

    What about Cyanogenmod? :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ll have a review written within a week :) CM is so simple, but brilliant.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can’t understand that. The language packs shouldn’t affect anything but the language. That’s quite a bug bug though, so if you’re using an officially supported device, I’d assume the developers will fix it very soon.

  7. Darian Goh says:

    Haha nice. :D I’m using it on my phone. Works like a charm too. 

  8. Mark W says:

    I hope they will, i wouldn´t mind trying out MIUI.
    Using an HTC Desire with a SLCD