Top Security Apps for Android


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With mobile security quickly becoming a hot topic for hackers and developers alike, a reliable anti-virus application is a must for your smartphone. As an open-source platform, Android is particularly vulnerable to security threats so I’ve lined up a few good applications to keep your device safe.

There are many security applications available for Android and even the unknown ones can outperform the biggest names so if you know of any applications that you believe are better than the ones below, please let everyone know in the comments section.

BitDefender 620x302 Top Security Apps for Android

Bitdefender Mobile Security

 Top Security Apps for AndroidBitdefender is a very light security application for Android. It pulls virus definitions from the cloud to reduce the space it consumes on the device and the impact it has on the device’s battery- this makes it very fast and light. Bitdefender offers features such as scanning applications and SD card to detect malware and even remote wiping and tracking of the phone if it is lost. While it provides automatic “install scanning” and scanning new SD cards, Bitdefender also has “on-demand” scanning. Bitdefender can also keep you safe on the web with its ‘safe browsing’ feature. Overall, it is a fully-functioned, light-weight, reliable and slick security application.

 Top Security Apps for Android

Lookout Mobile Security

 Top Security Apps for AndroidLookout is a very popular and well developed security application for Android. It focuses on three main ways to protect your phone; protect, find and save. The application provides the ability to scan all applications installed on the device and detect if they are malicious. If the device is lost, Lookout can track it via GPS and make it emit a buzzing noise. The app also allows content on the device to be backed up and restored later or to another phone. A premium account also allows you to remotely lock the device, backup photos and call history and also includes the new ‘safe browsing’ feature. Lookout is a very stable and reliable application with great support from a big developer.

 Top Security Apps for Android

Anti-Virus from AVG

 Top Security Apps for Android AVG has been in the anti-virus business for some time now. They have several security applications available for Android but I am going to focus on the free anti-virus application. It offers apps, settings, files, and media  scanning to find malicious files in real time along with features to find and protect a stolen device; you can locate your lost or stolen phone via Google maps, backup and restore all your valuable apps and data and lock and wipe your device. AVG also offers a safe browsing feature.

 Top Security Apps for Android

Norton Mobile Security

 Top Security Apps for AndroidNorton is another big name in the security business. Their Security application for Android- Norton Mobile Security (Beta)- has similar features to the applications mentioned before. It’s scans apps for malware, detects and removes spam texts and detects malicious files on the SD card. It also automatically nlocks annoying and unwanted calls. Norton allows you to locate, lock and wipe a stolen or lost phone. Built in to the app is a smart safe browsing feature which blocks phishing website.

 Top Security Apps for Android

McAfee Mobile Security

 Top Security Apps for AndroidYet another big name in the world of security. McAfee’s mobile application also contains the features that appear to be standard for premium applications; guarding against spyware and malware, locking and wiping a lost or stolen device, backing up and restoring data, locating and tracking your phone and safe browsing.

 Top Security Apps for Android

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