25/8/2011 Android Setup By DJ Carpenter

25/8/2011 Android Setup By DJ Carpenter

Pretty much the same basic setup as last time. Haven’t spent much time on my phone.
These will be my last couple of shots for several months. I leave on Monday for Basic.
I’ll try to push out a couple of more but they will most likely be pretty simple.

I added some wooden bordered folders to my theme, as well as themed the MMS application and now includes the font you see.
I will post a download link later today once I have finish a few things on it.
Credit to Akoe101, Yuri, Lunie, etc.

-MIUI Launcher
-Wallpapers: Home | Lock

-MIUI Music 4×4
-MIUI Clock (I have an mClock theme for that clock if anyone wants it)

Icons – PurityFS


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  1. Very nice! Could you please share the mClock theme? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    +1 for the mclock! :)

  3. Atze de Vries says:

    Can u share the .mtz for miui or at least the .mtz for the icon’s. Would be lovely 

  4. Yeah, I’m trying to work something out in the theme first. 

  5. Well, now I can’t find it. Let me find it on XDA and I’ll share it. I have it downloaded but I’m not sure what the folders need to be named. 

  6. Replied above. Check back tomorrow, I’m trying to find it. 

  7. Atze de Vries says:

    cool, looking forward to it

  8. Another +1 for the mclcok

  9. Kristen Goehringer says:

    What is your status bar? I love it, is it custom.  Very nice setup!

  10. did you ever release the status bar MTZ?