04/08/2011 Android Setup by UltraLinx

04/08/2011 Android Setup by UltraLinx

Loving this setup at the moment. I will never shy away from minimalism.

Android Device

Device – HTC Desire (original) (rooted)
Network – O2 – UK
ROM – Oxygen by AdamG. I’m on 1149 hours uptime at the moment and still rising!


Launcher – LauncherPro
Lockscreen – WidgetLocker | WidgetLocker Theme
Wallpapers – Homescreen | Lockscreen
Clock – Minimalistic Text
Icons – PurityFS HD
Dock – ArrowDock


Oliur Rahman

Founder & CEO of UltraLinx oliur.com


  1. Albin Hasselström says:

    How do you make the icons that big?

  2. John Paul Kee says:

    Desktop Visualizer probably.