25/07/2011 Android Setup by Dj Carpenter

Sorry it’s been so long, guys. But I’m back to posting now so expect shots from me a lot more often. I’ll also update Facebook Suave later today most likely.

I will be updating this post every time I make a change to my setup.

25/07/2011 Android Setup by Dj Carpenter

-Launcher: ADWLauncher Ex
-Wallpapers: Wall | + Dock | + Icons | Lockscreen

-WidgetLocker | WidgetLocker Theme
-Desktop Visualizer
-Minimalistic Text
-Player Pro (mod)

Icons – PurityFS


Dj Carpenter

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  1. c j says:

    How did you get only 4 icons on your dock? ADW only gives me the option of odd numbers, and using the hidden dockbar doesnt help either.

  2. Dj Carpenter says:

    I edit the wallpaper and put the icons on there. Then I use the extended desktop and use Desktop Visualizer with transparent icons and put it over them. 

  3. Steve Mendez says:

    That player Pro mod looks sick. Too bad I switched back to Power Amp. However, for future reference, would that mod require a mod, because i’m not rooted.

  4. Steve Mendez says:

    Dam, I really need to go to school on this desktop stuff. Yours looks so nice and clean which is the exact approach I aim for. However, I usually end up with more.

  5. Dj Carpenter says:

    You’ll get the hang of it! I usually always edit the icons onto the wallpaper because it looks better than going with what the grid size gives you which usually isn’t very even, etc. And thanks, man! I love a nice clean screen, but it’s okay to have more also. Mine aren’t always so minimal, but I love how neat it looks when it is. 

  6. Dj Carpenter says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. The only downfall to it is that it’s an old version of Player Pro. The new versions won’t allow you to decompile them which is what you have to do to change the .xml and change the look of the widget. But, you don’t have to be rooted to use a modded app unless it’s a system app. Anything downloadable you can mod and use on stock. 

  7. Wich type of font, did u use to the minimalistic text? its look pretty awesome! :o

  8. Dj Carpenter says:

    It’s Helvetica Neue.